Meet the Artist

Born and raised in Modesto, CA as Celeste Perez while Digital Mami was born in San Francisco in late 2019.

Dropping out of college to pursue art and financial independence, Celeste moved to San Francisco in 2018. In the early stages of her art career, most of her time was spent in the tiny 10x10 bedroom she rented. Creating and trying new art mediums was her part-time job. It wasn't until late 2019 that she discovered the iPad and apple pencil combo through a co-worker. The very next day she purchased her own setup and thus Digital Mami was born.

Since then, Digital Mami has used her art as a therapeutic outlet to share what is in her heart and mind. Letting viewers into her emotions and becoming unapologetically vulnerable with her audience. She continues to create fearless art to inspire, motivate, and produce a tribe of powerful women.